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The fabric comprises the basic infrastructure required for the LHC computing facility. Each Regional Centre will have its own well-managed fabric providing a high level of availability. The larger centres will have differing customers and constraints that will largely dictate the detail of their choices of equipment and management tools and policies.

The Fabric Area of the LCG project has a direct responsibility for prototyping the Tier 0/1 centre at CERN.

The actual computing fabric is comprised of both the physical components and the organizational infrastructure surrounding it including the operations and management of the hardware, software and services. It is assumed that the CERN fabric will be operated by the CERN computer operations infrastructure.

The fabric components fall into three main groups:

  • Fabric Hardware
  • Fabric Management Software
  • Data Management Software

Overview document of the Computing Fabric at CERN

Fabric area manager : Bernd Panzer-Steindel



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